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A new day haiku


Lessons on a wing

I usually prefer walking alone on my morning walks. Accompanied only by a playlist of music that is attuned to my current state of mind.
This one hour regimen not only helps my physical fitness goals (or challenges!), but also supports my mental framework.
While walking, I have often arrived at solutions -eureka moment style, simplified tangled web of thoughts, sorted out my mind keeping it in a space that allows me ( in whatever big or small way) to approach the day fitfully.
I marvel at those who hold talkathons while walking briskly, yakking away to glory with a string of friends as the sunlight weaves itself through the trees and brushes the blooms.
I am more than happy to allow them to pass by.
Content to put a space between their chatter, for, at that time of the day, I prefer the chatter of the birds nestled in the foliage, that sounds like music to my ears.
But today I was glad to have the company of these colourful winged creatures that flit from flower to flower, taking in the various nectars, so happy and light in the sunshine, so carefree and joyous in their being.
This dance of life, of nature’s astounding creation, this revival, truly adds a lovely spring to my steps. As it disperses its lessons so evocatively, yet silently.

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To Be

To simply see things as they are – without our personal stories, subjective theories, without rationalising, analysing, without fretful worry or without any interpretation suiting our self, without any motive or bias…just seeing things unfold, like the colours that spread out through the petals of a bud as it grows into a rose, like the breeze that rushes through an open window, the wave that caresses the shore just to flow back and merge seamlessly with the sea…being with them and allowing them to be, without any resistance, reluctance or regret, is the most difficult task of all. But that is precisely and simply where life is.

Precarious, yet poised. Fragile, yet full of quiet strength. Balanced, yet spontaneous. Vulnerable yet certain. At a still point, yet full of space. And by losing ourselves in the moment as it happens, we find ourselves. Over and over again.10438957_10152627240046723_6201444420320260060_n