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The way we relate


The Call of the Crow

The Call of the Crow


Common, they call me, a common crow,

I am chased from their windows for creating a row,

In their city, where everyone clamours to be heard

Above the din- each one merely, a part of the herd.


Cars honk, people rush, chasing success, going for the kill

I track them from the star apple tree, or a window sill,

Grabbing what they can, clamouring for attention

Jostling and juggling, their lives a constant friction.


Dazzled by the unusual- for to them, that has glamour and beauty

With binoculars and cameras, they run after migratory birds that fly through their city

While I, black and grey, with a croaky caw, am not worth a look,

They dismiss me with stones, a sharp shout, as if I am a crook.


I know, though, that I am intelligent and street smart,

I can even count, and am determined to finish anything I start,

So let them ignore me, I will still sing for myself,

And I have learnt how to get by without any help.


In my eyes, I am beautiful, my coat a black sheen

Making a pretty picture, a striking contrast amidst the green,

And I bet this city wouldn’t be the same, without me swooping high and low,

For, can you imagine Mumbai without a single crow?