Those that go on and on and on…

Listening to some people is the best cure for insomnia. So this is a tribute to such souls who inadvertently give others their much needed 40 winks;)

She talked around in circles. Her words meandered through phrases like a mountain stream let loose from snow, trickling and swinging through meaning and matter. Her voice went round and round in surges and lulls, circling and teasing a point till it smudged into oblivion. Her narrative waltzed over coherent sense, threading into tangents that were held tenously by my glazed eyes. A tingling sensation stirred from the synapses of my brain, seeping into the crevices of my nerves. It was getting difficult to focus, yet her voice wove into my consciousness like wisps of sound, insignificant, yet refusing to be silenced. And slowly, stealthily, without warning, bang in the middle of the conversation…..I fell fast asleep.11231151_10153114473151723_3555340153812028824_n


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