When all else is done

When all else is done
The business of living and loving
Bills, cooking, cleaning, coupling,
Ebbing with the little despairs,
Flowing with the days,
Watching with uncomprehending eyes
As age creeps stealthily
Through the skin,
The years of wishing, dreaming, hoping
And dying to each moment.

When all else is done
And the skies have changed their colours
For the millionth time
The sea waves have crashed
And carved the rocks
And carried the scent of lost lands to your hair
The tides have rolled by, the seasons have turned
The feelings you thought were etched in your heart
Have now ebbed away
And the rains have come and gone
And washed your soul yet again

When all else is done
What will remain?
The green glistening leaf
Swaying gently in the lilac kissed breeze,
Against the orange flecked twilight sky
And the cry of the birds
Slicing the evening air
Far,far away.


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