We spend time, pass time, fill our time, kill time, manage our time.
But do we savour time? Immerse ourself in it?
We watch it ticking away on the clock, count hours and measure minutes.
But do we follow it as it slides across the sunbeams, lengthens into shadows, spreads languidly across the open window? Do we watch it move gently across the horizon to create silhouettes and whisper memories into the fabric of our life?
Do we see it working its way through a seed, through the grooves in the skin, through the shaft of the hair? Turning up in a rose that blooms and bursts into being from a bud; carving wisdom into wrinkles; filling in the colours of life into greying strands. Can we experience it coursing through millions of cells, meandering through each moment and merging into infinite space, till it dissolves and finally takes us with it.11071822_10152771211961723_6893226693189132498_n


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