Simple Pleasures

12063576_10153166217001723_7492679785937548917_nOne of the most wholesome, hearty and soul-satisfying meals is the deceptively simple dal-rice.
Make the rice with ambemohr grains and while it simmers and fluffs up, its homely and heady fragrance fills the air, evoking a time laden with an abandoned joy and aglow with hope.
Ply the plate with a mound of this steaming rice, and as the smoke curls up, drizzle with home made ghee and pour an aromatic toovar dal, spiced mildly with tangy curry leaves, a dash of spluttering mustard seeds, and stirred with turmeric, asafoetida. As it bubbles and beams, garnish with a sprig of fresh green coriander leaves. Add a pinch of chilli powder to give it that searing edge.
Now mix it in with your fingers, feeling the rice sift and soften under your coaxing touch, swirl and become one with the glistening golden dal – warming your fingers and your appetite.
Just a dollop of lime or mango pickle on the side like a wink, and freshly roasted crisp papad to go, and your feast is complete.
Best eaten with your hands; a morsel of the dal-rice, tucked in with a lick of the pickle and the crunch of the papad – invoking an array of taste buds by playing a delicious symphony as it stirs the palate, flows warmly through the throat to rest snugly in the belly. Cocooned thus, it ultimately brings back the safe, secure, simple love of childhood.


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