Different worlds

I see children bent over their smartphones. Hunched into a world of games and chats. On bus stops and in restaurants, at home and on holidays, in parks and in cars, they’re wired into a zone of their own. Immersed in a din of pings and seduced by the sway of the touchscreen. Lost to a virtual world that lures with instant gratification, baits with its creation of an alluring persona and snares with its snazziness.
Around them the real world swirls and whizzes by. As they look down and relate to their 5×6 screens, they miss the panorama of changing seasons drifting across the sky, and answers blowing in the wind. They miss the lengthening shadows of trees and the enduring look of wonder in a baby’s eyes. They miss the landscapes outside their window and the kaleidoscope of action and colour on the streets. They are tuned out of the calls of the birds and the sounds of life as it goes on through another day.
Will they, I wonder, wake up one day, look up from their virtual screens and find that the real world is a strange place and then feel truly lost?296


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